Today I almost bricked my [wife’s] computer

This morning I’ve managed to mis-install a display adapter, which resulted in a BSOD on my Windows 10 on startup. Before the windows screen, before I had a chance to request safe-mode…
Searching on Google brought up generic and uninformative results, and I found myself diving through uncharted waters (for me), playing with stuff until (unbelievably) I managed to recover the computer.
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Creating Isolines (Contours) from grid data – part I

(if you want to see code – check part II)

Since this is my first post, I thought I’d start with something I could not find anywhere on the net – an algorithm for taking gridded data (for example, in GRIB format), and turn it into contour line vectors.
I needed this type of algorithm when I wanted to add a meteorological layer to our GIS application. After some digging, I found some data sources I could use to get current wind speed and direction, waves height, and barometric data.

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